After many years of creating mosaic art, these are our most frequently asked questions:

Question:  How do I commission a mosaic or purchase a piece of mosaic art from Showcase Mosaics?
Answer:  First we find out about your project.  Our process is outlined below:
a.  Are you looking for a current piece or a custom commission?
        If you want to purchase an existing piece, we get shipping and payment specifics and the process the order for shipment.
        If you are interested in a custom commission, we will need to get information about your specific project:
b.  Is it wall art or an installation?  If an installation where will it be installed, inside or outdoors, in a wet area, what kind of surface?
    What size are you looking for, and what level of detail?
    Do you have a particular budget in mind?
    General idea as to style, subject matter, color, etc?

Once these details are resolved, we prepare a written agreement with all the specifics and begin work on the preliminary artwork, coordinating with you until it's exactly as you want it.  From there, we prepare colorized versions which will be used as full sized patterns in the piecing.  We send photos of the piecing at various stages along the way for your approval so there are no surprises.  If the work is to be installed on a base at our studio, it will be shipped to you upon completion of the agreement via an agreed upon carrier.  If it is to be installed onsite, we can either do that or send detailed instructions for your installer.

Question:  How long does a mosaic art project take?
Answer:  Mosaics are a very labor intensive artform.  All of our mosaics are made by hand and with exquisite care.  The time it takes will depend upon our current schedule and how large and/or detailed the project is.  An average time to create, install and frame a piece of our mosaic artwork measuring five square feet in size is approximately three weeks from the time we start piecing after the design is approved.

Question:  Will I need to provide artwork?
Answer:  We can either do the artwork for you, or if you have a piece of artwork that you want done, we can use your own design as long as it is free of copyright restrictions.  For most of our projects, we work back and forth with the client starting with an initial idea and work from the sketch to a fully colorized piece of art that is then used as a pattern for the mosaic.

Question:  How much will it cost?
Answer:  The cost really depends upon the level of detail and materials used.  We blend high quality glass, ceramics and other materials into a piece of art that is unique and lasting.   Most of our fine art projects have an average of 1,200 individually cut and shaped pieces of glass per square foot which is more costly than a less detailed work of 200 pieces of cut glass per square foot.  The range in pricing is anywhere from $200 per square foot to $800 for micro-mosaic where the individual pieces size is about an eighth of an inch (or about 60 pieces of cut glass per square inch!)  It's best to discuss your individual design needs and budget and we will come up with a design that will work for you.

Question:  How will this mosaic mural or backsplash be installed?
Answer:  If the mosaic is small enough, we can usually install on a base and ship it to you fully grouted and ready to hang or attach to the wall.  For instance, most of the backsplashes we do for kitchens are small enough to grout and attach to the wall.  If the artwork is a larger mural, we ship the mural to your site in sections coded for installation, with a detailed schematic for installation.  We can either travel to your site ourselves, or send full instructions for your installation professional.