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Mystic Gray: Custom Mosaic Art

Mystic Gray

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

shower insert ​24″ x 18″  

Carlos Ortega: Custom Mosaic Mural

Carlos Ortega Villas

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

In the fall of 2014, we received word that we were the selected artists for the public art call put out by the City of Palm Desert for the Carlos Ortega Villas affordable housing project in Palm Desert, CA.  After many months of work on the design and the actual mosaic fabrication, we installed this…

East of the Summit: Fine Art Mosaic

East of the Summit: Custom Fine Art Mosaic Cascade Mountains, Washington

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

This mosaic was inspired by a drive over I-90 going from Central Washington desert heading towards the Cascade Mountain range.  The evening light really glowed on the hills. 22” x 31” glass mosaic  

St Francis Elevator Mural: Custom Mosaic Artists

St. Francis High School Elevator Custom Stained Glass Mosaic Mural

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

“St Francis Garden Elevator Mosaic Mural”  2011 Large mosaic mural created for the St. Francis High School in Wheaton, IL for a private donor.  Measuring 78″ x 190″ on three walls of the school elevator, this was a unique project.  Text and images copyright the artists.  “I had a vision to put a stunning St. Francis and Woodland Animal…

Gelato: Fine Art Mosaics


By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

glass mosaic (2006) ​30″ x 24″

Whidbey Island: Custom Mosaic Art Washington Artists

Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Washington. Custom Mural

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

We worked with the interior designer to create a mural with both a historic and current naval jet that was hung in the new community center in the Whidbey Island base.

Hummingbirds in the Lilies: Custom Mosaic Art

Hummingbird in Lilies

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

 This glass mosaic was created for a client as a gift for a friend.  The flowers and hummingbirds were reminiscent of hours spent on the back porch in conversation. 24″ x 24″

Quail on a branch: Custom Mosaic Art

Quail on a Branch

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

12″ x 8″

Brentwood Fountain: Custom Mosaic Art

Brentwood Fountain

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

This commissioned fountain mural was created working with the clients to include specific creatures and plants.  The water flows into the waiting pool to create a peaceful oasis in their garden courtyard.

Nightmusic: Custom Mosaic Art

Night Music

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

glass, semi precious stones, beads and ceramic pieces make up this abstract art mosaic.