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Carousel: Custom Mosaic Art Mural by Mosaic Artists

Texas Children’s Hospital: Commissioned Public Art Mosaic Tile Murals – Healthcare & Medical

By Sandra Bryant | June 14, 2019

This glass mosaic mural was created for the new wing of the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX and was installed May 2018.  It is 6.5ft x 22ft and is in the lounge area between the Women’s Pavilion and the new Children’s Hospital.   The mural is a detailed view of a zoo carousel with…

Off Broadway: Fine Art Mosaics

Off Broadway: Custom Mosaic Fine Art

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

30″ x 24″

Our Lady of Guadalupe: Custom Mosaic Art

Our Lady Of Guadalupe: Custom Religious Mosaic Mural For Church

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

​16ft x 8ft  

Flowers on the Table: Fine Art Mosaics

Flowers on the Table: Custom Mosaic Tile Floral Fine Artwork

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

30” x 24”

Louisiana Kitchen Backsplash: Custom Mosaic Trees

Louisiana Kitchen Backsplash: Custom Mosaic

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

We worked with these clients to create a striking Italian inspired mosaic backsplash series for their new kitchen. backsplash in a landscape series residential kitchen, West Monroe, LA

Floral: Custom Backsplashes

Floral Backsplash: Custom Mosaic Glass Tile

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

This glass mosaic backsplash was created by working with the client to develop artwork specially for their kitchen space.  The floral artwork was used as reference to create the custom mosaic 24” x 30” ​

Heritage: Washington Mosaic Artists

Nelson Elementary School: Custom Public Artwork Mosaic Murals

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

Heritage, Nelson Elementary School, Graham, WA “Heritage” 2011 Large artistic mosaic mural created for the Nelson Elementary School in Graham, WA for the Washington State Arts Commission Percent for Arts program.  At 78″ x 388″ on the main mural section and 30″ x 134″ over the display case, this mosaic celebrates the abundant natural bounty,…

Evening Walk in Vernazza: Fine Art Mosaics

Evening Walk in Venazza: Custom Mosaic Tile Artwork

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

glass mosaic ​28″ x 21″

Spring Garden: Fine Art Mosaics

Spring Garden: Fine Art Mosaic

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

We love birds and peacocks are really one of the most extravagant examples of some really spectacular creatures.  I would love to have one in our garden, but this mosaic is wishful thinking. 32” x 26” glass mosaic

Angela's Floral: Custom Backsplashes

Angela’s Flowers: Custom Floral Glass Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash

By Sandra Bryant | June 12, 2019

Florida kitchen remodel commission. We worked with the client to include her favorite flowers and colors in this kitchen backsplash.  The white and black counter tops, cabinetry and flooring were complemented by the shot of color in the floral design. 24″ x 24″