Wapato High School Murals

This project was done in cooperation with the Washington State Arts Commission for the new high school in Wapato, WA.
These are 2 glass mosaic murals created for Wapato High School. The first mural consists of 7 panels, the total dimensions are 7ft x 28ft wide and is located in the commons area.  The image symbolizes how the roots of heritage, community & family give wings to the individual, helping them to learn, grow and fly out into the world and plant their own roots.  The variety of bird species that flow out from the central tree represent the diversity of the community and the individuals nurtured by the community going forth into the world.  The areas roots in agriculture are represented in the central apple tree, which also a represents the community as a whole and the concepts of growth, learning, family and inspiration. The hills in the background and the cultivated fields further celebrate the rich heritage of the area.

The second mural is 4 panels installed to create one mural measuring 67” tall by 14’ wide.  The image is of a pack of wolves running through the hills, with the word “community” underneath. This represents the concept of strength and growth through working together, playing to each individual’s strengths and abilities to create something better for all.

​Wapato High School Public Art Project, 2016 Glass Mosaic in two murals, Our Roots Give Us Wings 7ft x 28ft and Community 6ft x 14ft.  Two murals created in collaboration with the Washington State Arts Commission and the art committee of the new Wapato High School in Wapato, WA.  The Roots and Wings mural carries the theme of the students honoring their roots in this diverse community and using those roots as a springboard to carry them into their individual futures.  The Community mural honors the cohesiveness of the tight knit community and the support the members give to one another.