Into the Autumn Woods

Fine Art Mosaic Artwork For SaleArtprize 2014

Returned from Artprize 2014 and enjoyed the experience so much!  I came in 2nd in the 2- dimensional category so that was fun.  Mostly enjoyed the wonderful people I was able to meet and speak with, the artists that I was able to get to know better and working with the DeVos Place Convention Center in the installation and the shared experience.  Many thousands attend Artprize and it’s wonderful to see the reactions to art in so many forms, styles and voices.  I love that there is a generation of children growing up in Grand Rapids, MI that will be so educated and exposed to art in general and this experience.


Into the Autumn Woods – Preliminary artwork for Arprize 2014 entry by Sandra Bryant.
This mural will be 7 1/2 feet x 18 feet wide and made out of glass mosaic.
​Artprize will be held in Grand Rapids, MI Late September through mid October 2014.
Mosaic mural for Artprize 2014 almost completed and ready to ship to
​Grand Rapids for the show next week…
​Come see me at the DeVos Convention Center Place!  7.5ft x 18ft glass mosaic