You can find floors everywhere, and you have probably walked on many different styles – wood, carpeted, concrete, tile, linoleum, and more. Floors are a basic part of our lives and we often don’t give them much thought. But, we also want our living and work spaces to be decorative, expressive, and interesting. We go to great lengths to put art on our walls and sculptures in our parks and much more. But did you ever think of using your floor as a place to express yourself?

As far back as the Romans (and earlier!), mosaics were used to decorate floors to make them unique and special. The designs ran a wide range, from geometric patterns to animals, flora, fauna, and more.

So, how do you go about getting a custom mosaic floor for your home or business? Let Showcase Mosaics be your artists. Learn more about our process for creating a custom mosaic floor. In this three part blog series, we will take you through the steps that make this possible.

Step One: Make Contact
The first step is to connect with us so we can begin work together! In initial discussions, we learn about your design aesthetic, the space to be filled, material options, time frames, etc. After this first conversation, we can provide an estimate of the cost of the overall project. Factors that may affect price include overall design, materials, size, installation, and level of detail. A note about installation: we can travel to you and complete the installation ourselves (this often works best for large pieces). You can also hire someone locally and we will provide installation instructions.


Outdoor patio mosaic

 Some questions we will ask you:

  • ​What is the space to be filled? Is it inside or outside? If outside, will the mosaic be exposed to weather? New construction or an existing space?
  • What type of surface will the mosaic be attached to? Do you hope to use any specific materials?
  • What is the level of foot traffic this floor will be exposed to? (This helps us determine the best material as far as wear and tear.)

Once we have had a chance to discuss your vision and go over initial questions, we will move on to designing your custom floor piece. In our next blog post, we will go over how the design process works and what you can expect. Let us know your questions in the comments section!


In process mosaic before grouting

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