How to choose artwork for your residence?

Installing artwork in your residence can make a profound style statement piece for your home décor.  Making the choice as to design, material, subject matter and so forth can also be daunting for most people.  Some thoughts to consider: 

What is your own personal style (you live with this art, it should be something that gives you pleasure every time you see it) and color sense.  The options for mosaic are just as varied as any other artwork.  It should be a collaboration and work back and forth with the artist of your choosing to create something that is unique to your space and your personal style.  Below are some ideas for your inspiration… You can have a painterly piece like this backsplash in an Italian inspired home:

A colorful floral or cityscape
A traditional piece like this marble floor or installation in a wine cellar using gold smalti
An abstract in subtle colors or a bright statement piece.
Other considerations:

Where will the work be placed; is it permanent or will it be transportable?  You can have a mosaic backsplash in your kitchen that can be installed like a single large tile.  It can later be removed and transported to a new location.  Our mosaic work in kitchens and bathrooms is very smooth on the surface so that it can be easily cleaned just like tile work.  Mosaic makes a unique and beautiful framed art piece.

What materials to use?  Glass is an excellent option in most area because it is vitreous (impervious to water) and will work on anything from outdoor fountains, backsplash, fireplace surrounds, murals, bathrooms, floors and so much more.  Ceramic tile is best used indoors and is thicker and heavier than glass, but a beautiful range of colors and surface texture.  High Fired Stoneware and porcelain are workable for outdoor projects and tend toward an earthier palette.  There are some brighter glazes that have been developed in the in recent years but there are fewer color options although I love the richness and depth of high fired glazes.  Smalti is a wonderful option as well.  Smalti originated in Italy, is cut from a large glass pancake, has gorgeous color and texture and is very expensive. 


It’s been a busy year here at Showcase Mosaics.    

Most of our work starts with a painted version to work out details and composition.  We took this a step further and began offering painted murals.  We spent many months in Louisiana working on several homes under construction painting wall and ceiling murals.  Both of these homes were in the Italian style and were very fun to work on. 

In between, Sandy went to Grand Rapids to participate in Artprize Grand Rapids where she was thrilled to have been voted 2nd place in the 2-dimensional public vote category for the large 7.5ft x 18ft mural “Into the Autumn Woods” which showed at the DeVos Place Convention Center in Grand Rapids, MI. 

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