We have more new art to share with you all! It has been a busy couple of weeks and we now have 5 additional mosaic pieces that have been added to our gallery.


Floral in Pink (22”x28”)

Featuring beautiful and intricate pink peonies, this piece was created whilst in the mood for something very feminine and pretty.


The Blues (32”x50”)
An abstract piece inspired by the free flowing, soulful movement of blues style music. Vibrant colors pop and add a flair of fun and excitement.


In flight (22”x31”)

This mosaic is an observation on the faithfulness and simplicity of swans. These beautiful creatures have always been an inspiration: swans commit to their mates for life. They travel incredible journeys together, flying very far distances during their annual migration. Swans stay together in family units their entire lives, and rarely do they mate again once one of the pair passes.


East of the Summit (22”x31”)

With much of our family on the eastern side of the state, we spend many a long car ride making the journey to visit our loved ones. This mosaic is inspired by one such trip, just before we reached the pass (traveling home from Eastern Washington), the sun was setting on the hills creating beautiful shadows.


Glass Flowers  (24”x24”)

A brightly colored abstract mosaic, made just for fun! This colorful piece creates an energetic and spirited sense, with intense hues and an overall lively design.

These mosaics and others that are shown in our gallery can be purchased directly from us, but keep in mind a huge portion of our business is custom mosaic work! If you see something you like but prefer a different color scheme to fit your interior, let us know. Maybe you want to work with us to come up with your own completely unique, custom mosaic – we love making custom art and want to hear from you. E-mail us with your questions and custom work ideas: info@showcasemosaics.com.

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