The past few months have kept us very busy with a number of installation pieces. We have been traveling all over the place (Alaska, Florida, Louisiana, Connecticut, North Carolina, and California, just to name a few), and working with some wonderful clients! Now that things have slowed down a tad, we are taking a breather and enjoying the chance to make some new art.

Commissioned custom mosaics are interesting and enjoyable to make because we get the chance to meet new clients and translate their ideas in to glass art. This provides a lot of variety in the mosaics being made and everything is suited to a particular client and their needs. However, in between projects, we appreciate the time to allow inspiration to take hold and the chance to make new pieces purely for the fun of it!

PictureCentral Park in the Snow (30″ x 36″)

This mosaic was inspired by a photo Sandy took during a quick trip to New York in February.  She had been to Connecticut finishing up a floor installation and had an extra day to do some sightseeing.


Fiori 34″ x 26″ glass frame


Flower Power 36″ x 36″

PictureEvening Walk on the Seine 26″ x 33″ Glass frame

This is a mosaic inspired by a photograph our daughter took on a trip to Paris.  She enjoyed walking along the river Seine in the evenings, seeing all the lights from the buildings glowing in the water.  We had her take tons of pictures and this was a particular favorite.  Tres belle!

PictureJourney 36″ x 72″ full triptych

This abstract gray and orange triptych series is made of glass, semi-precious stones (tigers eye, jade, quartz, goldstone, agate and moss agate), beads, handmade stoneware pieces, gold, smalti and gems.  Using a variety of media gives this piece an extra level of intrigue and dimension.

PictureSpring Garden 36″ x 30″

This fun garden mosaic features a beautiful peacock being admired by all.  We had a very rainy spring here in the Pacific Northwest so this piece was inspired by a wish for some balmy and warm sunny weather. 

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