It’s interesting how creativity works…  The winter months tend to be a bit calmer for us, workwise, and I find that my creative mind takes a bit of a break too.  For about two weeks.  Then I have a bit of time to feverishly come up with some new artwork so I plan new pieces, both mosaics and paintings.  At this moment, we have three new art mosaics on the studio tables and 5 new oil paintings with base coats on and drying in the studio.  Then, all of a sudden, we’re too busy to finish any of them, and back in the middle of chaos.  Not to say that chaos isn’t wonderful and very enjoyable all on it’s own.  It’s fun and we get to meet some of the most terrific people in our business.  It’s very satisfying creating something that people will enjoy for a long time to come.  That said, mosaic art is extraordinarily time consuming.  It can take an entire day to piece one really detailed square foot of mosaic so you don’t take free time lightly.
Time management is one of the big issues, I think, with most people who make their living outside traditional employment.  When you have work, you work on the job (or jobs) at hand.  There is, after all, the mortgage to pay…  Then, when you ship those mosaics out the door, all the paperwork is waiting for you.  Sometimes not so patiently.  There are so many administrative and marketing tasks to do in the down time that it never seems like we have time to do art just for the sake of art. I think that’s truly one of the biggest challenges of an artist.  That time to create just for the joy of it; to develop as an artist, at some point, has to take priority over all of the other tasks.  It’s the only  way that you can really evolve and if it has to happen on the weekends and evenings and you don’t get much sleep, so be it!  It’s worth it.

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