Artist's Statement

The work we create as a team, though we have unique styles, shares a focus on relationship. We celebrate relationships between humanity and our environment, our human connections, how our experiences intertwine, our feelings over time and of the moment.  It is our goal to engage the viewer in this connection, to look up close at the small pieces and step back for a view of the whole.

As an artist team, we individually contribute special design abilities, both abstract and more representational styles, while collaborating on the spirit and the construction of each piece.  We challenge each other to step back and view the designs from a different window of experience. So that in the end we piece is more balanced and unique and combines elements of both styles. We have worked on national, state and local public art projects, and with each project, the decisions we make regarding technique and materials relate to the environment that will house the work. 

Mosaics as an art form, inspires constant growth, patience and the ability to push the boundaries of what is expected.  It is our goal to continually grow and evolve in our choice of materials, our methods and artistic views, to further the recognition of mosaics as true fine art.  Our goal is create mosaics that expand the footprint onto building walls, floors and ceilings.  We find that the larger work broadens the experience, taking the small details to a new level.  There really are no limits.